Gitlist OpenSource Project

Lucas Gatsas

Hello World! - Gitlist is now OpenSource V.1.0.1 Available on Github Gitlist On Github

$ git clone

$ sudo sails lift

$ npm install

$ npm install sails-mongo --save

first remove the node_module folder, then install npm packages $npm install then after, $ sudo sails lift , do you will see, it give a error back, becuase do you haven’t install MongoDB packages.. install Mongo DB : via commandline in the same dictory which you launch the full app : run npm install sails-mongo --save then it will intsall all MongoDB Packages : then run again $ sudo sails lift .

Read the Full Documentation here on my Github : Gitlist Documentation

If you find a Bug or Update the Source give a Note about a Issue : Gitlist OpenSource Issues

"Gitlist is now OpenSource"

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