Hacking Macintosh HD

Entry Your Data with the Terminal Commandline Chmod o+rx

Recovery Mode

This Morning i got a {….} Shok. You know, i do crazy things with my Terminal and Try and Hacking everything. So my History now.. i tried hack my HD! After a Error, i put the rights to the (:denied).

Spoken Words: - I don’t had rights anymore everywhere! After a New Start my Machine, the same thing again. I gotta Crazy soon after any Times to reboot my Machine!

i Tried out to reboot the Machine on "C" ! Nothing Works! After booted in to the C cmd + r ! Booted the Mac over Recovery Mode and choose in the Menu the Terminal App and Typed on -bash:~ 3.2# chmod o+rx "/Volumes/YOURHD" and prompt (Enter) it. sudo shutdown -r now ! New Started and waited for a while and BANG unbelievable! The whole Machine is back now with all my Users! :) ! What a Thing! Thanks to Me :) ! I’m really proud of it. Hacking your Machine and learn to Rule! ;)

First Reboot your Machine from cmd + r and then wait! Open the Terminal and Type follow CommandLine chmod o+rx "/Volumes/YOURHD" And New Start your Mac!

Off course there are alot Ways to Boot and Reboot your Machine

Single-User Mode

Newstart your Machine and Press cmd + s ! Your machine will run over Text-Mode - Pure Terminal on your Machine. There do you can entry your Commandlines ! you boot directly to a root shell. getting multi-user operating System!

Unix/ Will Open! This is your root single-user Mode if you want to reboot press Type reboot

First i have typed : mount -uw/ Then After Prompt : chmod 755/System And Now Type : chmod 1773/Shared At Last prompt: chmod 1777/Users/Shared Then reboot your Machine! ;)

Verbose Mode

Press cmd + V to boot into verbose mode, You See Your Desktop in a Normal Way, after enter the prompt, do you will see your Screen to Freezing!


I don’t need anymore a Apple Supporter! :D

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