Add a User to Sudoers in Mac OS X

(1.) Launch Terminal : type :

sudo visudo

(2.) Change your User Privilege specification

# User privilege specification

root ALL=(ALL) ALL

%admin ALL=(ALL) ALL

(3.) Add Below the User Privilege specification

youradminusername ALL=(ALL) ALL

See The Blue Marked Window in the Terminal :

Lucas Gatsas

(4.) Now press “ESC” (escape) key to stop editing the file

(5.) Enter the : key (colon) and then type “wq” followed by the Return key to save changes and exit vi

Go to the Finder: Do you can find the file in the phat etc/sudoers

(1.) Open it with right Mouse Click and « Open with other »

(2.) the Finder Menu will Open

(3.) Open with enable « All Applications » with your Text Editor

(4.) After changes Save the File. Enter ! :)

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